A Buddhist Meditation

This is a daily meditation practice from Tibetan Buddhism that can help you to focus your mind towards Nirvana and enlightenment. The four thoughts reflect on these areas: Your precious human existence Death, mortality, and impermanence The Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect The defects and shortcomings of samsara, including the eight kinds of […]

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A Living Reality

Source – scienceworldreport.com – “One of the basic tenets of quantum physics is that we are not discovering reality, but participating in its creation.” – The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot – To us, the universe looks three dimensional. But one of the theories of theoretical physics challenges this assumption. The “holographic principle” suggests that […]

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Reality? Really?

Is our EveryDayLife “real”?  How do we know?  Can we know? Are we simply satisfied pretending?  How do we know even that?

I remember exactly where I was when I first encountered the idea that reality may not be what it seems. I was sitting on Burrow Mump (a kind of mini version of Glastonbury Tor – thanks Wiki for the photo), staring over the Somerset Levels on a lovely spring morning with a friend. I can’t […]

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Experience of Reality as Reality … but Not


Originally posted on HELIOS: by Kenneth Harper Finton ©2017 “the problems we had yesterday continue today. The only good such understanding can do is help us to make better decisions, be more tolerant and less judgmental. It can change our hormonal balance and make us feel better in the now.”


The word of the year is really, really. . . surreal — eats shoots ‘n leaves

And what else could it be, given that online searches for its definition peaked the day following the U.S. presidential election. From BBC News: Dictionary Merriam-Webster has named “surreal” as its word of the year. The lexicographer selected surreal – which means “unbelievable, fantastic” — after spikes in searches following terrorist attacks and the US […]

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